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Energy Efficient Solutions from Mitchell Lewis & Staver Help Oregon Coast Aquarium Save Some Clams

Gary Miles - Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Several months back, Mitchell Lewis & Staver provided the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport Oregon, several sump pumps and variable frequency drives (VFDs). The VFDs allow the pumps to run at reduced speeds when demand is low, saving energy and money. Working in conjunction with level sensors, the VFDs help the pumps maintain a certain sump level at all times by running the pump at a proper pace and not having them start and stop all of the time. Running pumps at reduced speeds also helps increase the overall lifetime of the pump. Gary Smith, Head of Maintenance for the aquarium, states “We are saving on average $60-70 dollar per month, per pump by using VFD’s, and with the level maintenance process, we never run the pumps dry.” Gary has since added 2 more VFDs to other existing pump controls. Danfoss VFDs are an integral part of powerful and efficient MLS Controls.