High Tide at the Seaside Aquarium | Mitchell Lewis & Staver

High Tide at the Seaside Aquarium

Jason Oliver - Friday, August 15, 2014

To help keep their exhibits happy and healthy, the aquarium uses quite a bit of fresh seawater. While they are able to recycle some of their water, they do draw some directly from the ocean, a few hundred feet away, on a daily basis. Pumping only during high tide, they use a Gorman Rupp 80 Series self-priming pump to pull from the sea and into their storage tank. 

The Gorman Rupp pump has been in service for many years and has only needed typical wear parts replaced. Even with the corrosive nature of seawater and the abrasive sand that is also drawn in by the pump, the Gorman Rupp has proven to be a dependable and durable piece of equipment for a local landmark. Mitchell Lewis & Staver is a proud service provider to our friends on the coast.