Mitchell Lewis & Staver Helps Local Recycler Get Into Hot Water | Mitchell Lewis & Staver

Mitchell Lewis & Staver Helps Local Recycler Get Into Hot Water

Jason Oliver - Thursday, January 15, 2015

A local plastic bottle recycler was having ongoing issues with the pumps that came as part of a larger piece of OEM equipment. The pump was used to circulate caustic wash water. The liquid itself was a challenge in that it contained pieces of shredded plastic and was 200º F with a pH over 12. To further complicate things, the OEM supplied pump was foreign made, which created issues with customer service and parts availability. The existing pump had plugging issues and leaked constantly. Mitchell Lewis & Staver was asked to visit the facility, examine the application and provide a high quality, domestically made, pump solution. MLS was able to offer several selections including a progressive cavity style pump and several end suction centrifugal models.

Design Criteria
8mm solids
3% solids concentration
316SS or CD4 desired
40-50gpm @ 25ft TDH
VFD compatible motor

Although the pump does have a flooded suction, to meet the solid size handling criteria a self-priming trash pump was selected. The AMT Model 282F-98 was installed in late December and has been problem free since.