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Mitchell's Does The Oregon Coast Aquarium A Solid

Jason Oliver - Friday, June 27, 2014

The Oregon Coast Aquarium contacted Mitchell Lewis & Staver about some issues they were having with one of their submersible sump pumps. The aquarium regularly drains several of their exhibits for cleaning and maintenance, and many of these exhibits contain solid matter like butter clams, red rock crabs shells, Dungeness crab shells and seaweed. 

The exhibits drain into a common sump which is them pumped to the treatment plant. The troublesome piece of equipment was a true submersible dewatering pump with a fine screen around the pump’s suction. Due to the solids in the liquid, the pump was susceptible to constant plugging in the intake screen, requiring constant removal and cleaning of the pump. 

Mitchell Lewis recommended a sludge pump from Grindex, allowing the passage of 2” solids along with a higher concentration of solids. The Grindex pump also came with zinc anodes to help combat the corrosive seawater environment.