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MLS and Landia Cut Down Maintenance Time

Jason Oliver - Friday, February 13, 2015

Many of today’s bathroom products - baby wipes, feminine products, etc. - advertise themselves as flushable. While technically they can be flushed, these items can cause a world of trouble for the wastewater operators and the equipment that encounters them once they leave the bathroom. The majority of sewage pumps are of the 2-vane, non-clog style, again another misnomer. These pumps are more accurately “clog-resistant” and can pass most large solids and common sewage components without issue. Enter the flushable product, made of strong, synthetic, tear-resistant fiber, which can easily bind up a non-clog pump impeller. 

A major university in WA state had continuous problems with plugging of their non-clog sewage pumps. This resulted in downtime, constant maintenance and some near-miss overflows. MLS met with the campus facilities manager and reviewed the application data and changes in the waste stream. It was determined that a Landia submersible chopper pump would be the right solution to cut up the fibrous and stringy materials for pumping. The cutting mechanism in the Landia is a dual-action rotating and stationary hardened knife system. These knives chop and cut the materials prior to them entering the impeller. Many chopper pumps use the impeller itself and part of the cutting mechanism. The Landia approach allows for a more efficient impeller design, while still passing any small solids that remain.

The pump was installed in December of 2013 and has been maintenance free since. Zero maintenance.

If you are having plugging issues with your “non-clog” pump, give us a call, we excel at solving difficult pump problems.