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MLS Controls Making Green

- Wednesday, December 30, 2015

When New Earth of San Antonio, Texas went looking for a heavy-duty, aggressive grinding machine to annually convert 350,000 tons of highly-variable organic waste into high-grade garden products, they turned to West Salem Machine (WSM). Typically, this type of diverse, organically-rich waste including food waste, grass clippings, leaves, livestock manures and tree trimmings ends up buried in conventional landfills – going to waste. New Earth gives it a second, vital purpose.

Likewise, the efficient, aggressive processing of a range of materials with such dynamic densities requires a tough, sensor-responsive controller of intelligent design. Genuine Mitchell's Controls utilizing a Danfoss VFD, keep the whole process moving – monitoring, regulating and adjusting production feed in relation to the density of material. The rigorous demands of industrial applications require robust electronic controls which optimize operations and keep production flowing.