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MLS Helps Solve Excessive Pump Wear Problem For Local Composite Manufacturer

Jason Oliver - Monday, April 27, 2015

MLS helps solve excessive pump wear problem for local composite manufacturer.

A manufacturer of glass composite materials, located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley has a real issue with abrasive liquids. Pumping liquids containing ground glass for their process had proven to be a challenge for their existing pumps. While the previous pumps were made by a top quality manufacturer, they were not the best style for this application, nor were the pump construction materials ideal. 

Working with the plant engineer, Mitchell Lewis & Staver reviewed all of the critical application data (flow, head, solid concentration, solid type, solid size) and determined a low rpm, vortex/recessed impeller pump made the most sense. The Toyo DEH 61-50 was selected and driven by a 7.5HP motor at 1347rpm. A key feature of the DEH is its unique axial spiral casing design, allowing solids to follow the flow path directly out of the pump with only 15% of the solids coming into contact with the impeller. This major design benefit means internal recirculation -- a process which is detrimental to hydraulic efficiencies and increases pump wear -- is minimized. Sacrificial wear parts are not required with this advanced design DEH. 

End users will find that reduced life cycle costs are achieved with the benefit of lower power consumption. Additionally, the DEH is also made of 28% Hi-Chrome (HiC) material for increased resistance to wear. The initial two pumps have been installed and are working well, the facility has since ordered another set for a similar application.