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MLS & Landia Help Declo, Idaho Cut Down Its Waste

Jason Oliver - Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The small town of Declo, Idaho, had experienced consistent plugging issues with their “non-clog” pumps. Like many other municipalities, Declo has seen a significant increase in difficult to pump items like baby wipes, duster pads and the like. These items tend to wrap around a standard non-clog impeller and bind up the pump, resulting in costly downtime and maintenance calls. One pump in the duplex system was in need of immediate replacement. Mitchell Lewis & Staver was asked to assist in the selection of a new pump and to explore alternative to help combat the plugging issue.

Design Criteria
  • Replace existing 4” non-clog, dry-pit pump
  • Match existing plumbing
  • Pump Performance: 450 gpm @ 35’ TDH
  • Pumped Liquid: Raw wastewater including baby wipes. Less than 1% solids
  • Pump Application: Chop and pump the wastewater.

We determined the right solution to be a Landia dry-pit chopper pump. Its unique hardened knife blade system chops up the solids and stringy materials prior to them entering the impeller. Landia was also able to design and build a base/suction elbow to match existing suction and discharge piping height, making for a near seamless installation. After seven weeks in operation, the city reports no clogging issues or down time with the Landia. In fact, the other remaining non-clog pump is no longer used as the Landia remains trouble free. The city plans to replace the other pump with a Landia this summer.