MLS Supplies Custom Firefighting Solution to the USN | Mitchell Lewis & Staver

MLS Supplies Custom Firefighting Solution to the USN

- Thursday, January 14, 2016

The ability to immediately suppress any dockside shipboard fire is a perennial safety concern for the U.S. Navy. Historically, securing a ready-source of high-pressure water in the event of fire, particularly in foreign ports, has posed significant challenges, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Following exacting USN specs, Mitchell Lewis & Staver created a highly efficient, powerful solution. This month the U.S. Navy will receive the final shipment – 54 vertical, multi-stage pumps in all, from MLS. Each pump incorporates non-corroding, stainless steel or bronze components throughout, and is framed in a custom-designed, galvanized (marine air resistant) frame allowing the pump to be rapidly deployed from either dockside surface or sub-surface vessel. Vessels will carry a pump fore and aft. Each pump runs at 226gpm at 174 tdh, powered by a Goulds Water Technology 46SV 20 hp pump with a Leeson VFD.

MLS worked closely with our business partner Balco to secure this opportunity to proudly serve.