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Off The Grid Power

- Friday, December 11, 2015

Lorentz Solar is supplying powerful, "off-the-grid" solutions to remote Ag customers.

Farmers in Turkey faced problems with unreliable grid electricity which resulted in the loss of crops. The solution was the installation of a grid-independent PS40k2 solar pump system. This system provides 1200 tons of water per day from 80 meters below ground level. Being independent from the grid and receiving water reliably with solar energy is a great relief for the farmers.

The REAQUA video shows how in an area with a dry, sandy and hot climate, 5000 head of cattle on an isolated Australian farm are fed. REAQUA installed two LORENTZ submersible pumps which provide year round water to center pivot systems each covering an area of over 40 hectares per pivot.

MLS partners with Lorentz in bringing our Ag customers dependable, power-generating, solar-based solutions. With over 20 years of continuous innovation, Lorentz is an Industry leader in solar-powered, water pumping technology.

See how Lorentz is bringing power (and much-needed water) to remote Ag sites worldwide.