Power of Partnership

- Friday, April 07, 2017

The Portland location of a national motel chain was having severe sewage issues. The equipment in their wet well was old, failing regularly, and causing the site manager a ton of problems. Additionally, the ever-changing waste stream was plugging the pumps, which in turn caused overflow conditions and on several occasions the need for a vac truck.

One of Mitchell Lewis & Staver’s longtime partners, Hillsboro Pump Service was contacted by the motel manager for much-needed help. Mitchell Lewis met with HPS for an on-site review. It was determined that the existing pumps were still a good choice for the required flow/head, but the liquid now contained many “non-pumpable” solids that needed to be addressed. To handle this, the team decided on the tried and true solids destroyer, the Landia Eradigator, a submersible chopper pump, that would also mix the wet well contents with its angled discharge nozzle.

The complete solution is put into action when the pump on float activates. The Eradigator runs for 1 min to chop and mix all wet well contents, it then shuts off, and the on-call, self-priming pump removes the liquid until the stop float is reached. MLS provided the UL control panel as well which required the use of a Danfoss VFD to convert the sites 1/230v power to 2/230v power to run the Eradigator. The MLS Control Panel provided some dry contacts, so the manager could have remote indication of any problems. While only in service for a short time at this point, the station has been trouble-free and the site manager is very appreciative of everyone’s efforts.

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- Wednesday, March 09, 2016


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- Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Moscone Center in San Francisco CA is one of the largest convention centers in the state. Moscone West contains the kitchen for the entire facility as well as several bathrooms. The kitchen produces a good deal of food waste, floor debris, commercial dish washer water and occasionally, a rubber glove finds its way down the drain along with everything else. Combined with the bathroom waste, these solids often plugged the standard, non-clog pumps previously operating in the wet well. As the pumps were on rail systems and needed to be cleaned constantly, it became a maintenance headache. General contractor, Koffler Electric, turned to Mitchell Lewis for solutions to the plugging problem at Moscone. Mitchell Lewis having had several recent successes with the Landia chopper pump, was able to select a model to hit Koffler’s desired design specs: (250gpm @ 36ft TDH). The Landia pumps were installed recently and have run “clog-free” ever since.

The Landia Chopper continues to impress here on the west coast. MLS has installed several Landia pumps which continue to perform flawlessly, some for over two years, and not a one has been pulled off line, for any reason….ever.

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