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Chopper Pumps

Sometimes you just need to turn big pieces into little pieces. Whether it’s sewage, manure, paper pulp, food waste, those annoying plastic bands and zip ties, or anything in between. Mitchell Lewis & Staver offers the latest “cutting edge” technology, from Landia Inc, to do the job. These choppers can even turn that big vat of whole fish into a nice slurry. Unlike other chopper style pumps that use the impeller and a cutting plate, the Landia line chopper pumps utilize a “knife blade” system that dices up the material prior to entering the impeller. This very efficient and effective method also allows for ease of maintenance when needed. The knife blades are quickly and easily replaced if necessary, without the need for shims, or a new impeller or cutting plate. Landia chopper pumps are built to your exact design criteria, so you can be sure the pump you get is the right one for the job. Configurations include horizontal, submersible and vertical sump. Landia also offers a wide range of construction materials to meet even your most difficult liquids.

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Chopper Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver
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