Mitchell’s D-Series Panels Featuring Danfoss® VFDs | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Mitchell’s D-Series Panels Featuring Danfoss® VFDs

A key attribute of the D-Series panel from Mitchell Lewis & Staver is its flexibility. Fully engineered and customizable to your specifications, add-ons and extra internal features can be easily accommodated, often without modifications to the panel chassis. The D-Series also allows flush-mounting to a surface, inside or out. This panel design is available up to 125HP.

The W-Series and D-Series MLS panels differ significantly in their methods of cooling the panel interior. The HP requirement, operating environment and/or your specific application are key factors in determining the best panel format for your job.

Features and Benefits of the D-Series Fan-Cooled Panel:

  • Lifting eyes and key mount wall brackets for easier wall mount installation
  • Service entrance rated disconnect with external operator and door interlock
  • Door mounted VFD operator interface
  • Lockable acrylic hinged cover w/ UV inhibitors to protect door mounted components
  • 120V transformer with fusing for owner supplied ancillary equipment
  • 120V and VFD I/O wired to a terminal strip for convenience with field connections

To learn more about whether a D-Series panel is right for your project, contact us today, either by phone, or using the link on the right side of this page.

Mitchell’s D-Series Panels Featuring Danfoss® VFDs | Mitchell Lewis Staver
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