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Submersible Motors

Submersible motors are built to exacting standards that protect the motor from potentially corrosive environments, and which enable long product life without the need for frequent servicing. We carry submersible motors ranging from 4" to 8", which are designed for long life in a variety of applications and environments.

Please contact us for assistance on larger submersible motors up to 350 HP.

Our submersible motor lines include: CentriPro, Franklin Electric, Hitachi and Pentek.

Want to talk about submersible motors? Call us at 866-748-8077, or contact us online. Also see our Accessories Catalog.

Available Brands

    Centripro | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Franklin Electric | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Hitachi | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Pentek | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
Submersible Motors | Mitchell Lewis Staver
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