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Wastewater Pumps

An unfortunate bi-product of the production process; it can be corrosive, abrasive or anything in-between, and now we need to move it.  Mitchell Lewis & Staver has the pumps you need to get this stuff to the treatment plant, or off site.  Submersibles, self-primers and vertical sump pumps are just a few of the types of pumps we can offer.  Many of these pumps are available in corrosion resistant Stainless Steel, or abrasion resistant Hi-Chrome Iron and can also handle any solids left over by pumping them out, or chopping them up.

Our Wasterwater pump lines include: Grindex, Myers, Toyo, Polaris, Barnes, Summit, Keen Pumps, Liberty Process & Landia (chopper).

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Available Brands

    Barnes | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Deming | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Landia | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Myers | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Summit | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
Wastewater Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver
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