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Create an Optimized Facebook Business Page in 5 Easy Steps

Chelsea Shoji - Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Worldwide, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active Facebook users as of March 31, 2019 and in the United States, 68% of Americans use Facebook. On average, Americans spend 58 minutes per day on this platform (source: Facebook and Pew Center). Odds are great that your customers are among them, making Facebook Business Page a great opportunity to engage with them. Here are 5 essential steps to creating an optimized business page on Facebook:


STEP 1: Sign up

Go to Here you’ll see two categories, select Business or Brand. To begin, click Get Stated and follow the onscreen instructions, be prepared to fill in the required business information.


STEP 2: Add content



A. Start by adding a profile image. Companies will typically use their logo but keep in mind this image is cropped to a circle so be sure important information is kept away from the corners. Simply click the plus + symbol to add a profile image.

B. The most notable image on your page is your cover image, choose this carefully, this image should mirror your brand identity or brand personality. This image must be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. To add an image, hover over the area to see an edit button appear.

C. Create a username, this is how you’ll tell people where to find you on Facebook. Keep it easy to type and easy to remember, for example your business name or an obvious variation of it. This is also how customers will “tag” you in a post. Example, “Thanks @username for providing me with great customer service yesterday!”

D. Add important company information in your About section, including your contact information, products, hours, location, and company website address.


STEP 3: Create your first post

EBefore sharing your newly created page, make sure you add at least one post. This post can be a current promotion, event, product offer, or information that your customers would find relevant from you or other thought leaders in your industry. Keep your posts content valuable and relevant to your customers; be active and responsive to their comments and questions for increased engagement.

Tip: use images or video in your posts that make sense to the topic you’re writing about. Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images (source).


STEP 4: Add a call to action

 F. By default, Facebook adds a Send Message button on your page, to edit the button text, hover over it and select Edit Button. Choose the type of button and message that better fits your business. For example, Schedule an Appointment, Free Estimate, or Shop Now – you can then link this button to a specific URL on your business website.


STEP 5: Get Verified


This is often a forgotten but essential step, it shows visitors that you are a legitimate business and gives your brand credibility online. The gray check mark icon next to your business name gives your visitors confidence they are dealing directly with your company and helps to boost your page in search results.

Before applying, be sure to link your business website with your Facebook page in the About section. Additionally, add a link on your business website back to your Facebook page. Ensure all essential fields are filled out on your Facebook About section.

To apply for Facebook verification, click on Settings at the top of your page, on the left sidebar click General, click Page Verification, click Verify this Page, and finally Get Started.



For instant verification, elect to have Facebook call the phone number you have listed on your business page. You’ll receive an automated call that will give you a 4-digit code, enter this code into the box waiting for you on screen and click Continue. You will now see a verified check mark next to your company name.

Alternatively, you can verify by uploading a photo of an official document that shows your company name and address. Keep in mind, this method can take a bit longer as Facebook requires time to review your document.

A Facebook Business Page is essentially a $0 marketing tool that you do not need a marketing degree to successfully integrate into your business plan. Showcase your business personality with authentic content and you will soon find this to be a great tool to grow your business!