Soft Starter Controls

Soft Start Controls

Protect the lifespan while maximizing the performance of your motor and pump with a reduced voltage soft starter from Mitchell Genuine Controls.

MECA 600 Soft Start Controls

Superior soft start performance for fixed-speed applications

MECA 600 Soft Start Control Panel

Out-of-Box Soft Start Control

Quick ship solution to fixed speed applications.

Danfoss VLT MCD 600 Drive
Soft Start Flow How

Why use a soft start?

The Soft Starter provides ramp up and ramp down of a motor to reduce mechanical stress on the system by adjusting the voltage during starting and stopping.

MECA 600 Soft Start Panel

Superior soft start performance for fixed-speed applications

Out-of-Box Soft Start Controls

Quick ship solution to fixed speed applications.

Nema 4 and Nema 12 Soft Start panels are easily configured to meet the requirements of a variety of demanding applications from agricultural and municipal pumps to manufacturing conveyors and mixers, and many more.

• Provides additional monitoring features
• Less mechanical stress on equipment
• Reduced peak demand charges
• Adjustable starting torque
• Lower starting current
• Uses standard motor

• Higher cost compared to Full Voltage Starter
• Operates at full speed only
• No energy savings

Michell Lewis & Staver Go-To Pro

Darin Malcolm

Darin Malcolm

Utilizing all available resources and the latest cutting-edge programming technology, I enjoy developing new products and creating innovative solutions that solve the needs of our customers, resulting in energy savings for end users. Having worked for several industry-leading manufacturers since 1991, I am fortunate to work with great customers providing support for variable frequency drives, reduced voltage soft starters, and advanced motor controls.


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