VFD Control Panels

VFD Controls

  • Minimize wear and tear on machinery
  • Beat peak demand charges
  • Optimize power usage in response to actual load
  • Monitor energy usage

MICA-202 VFD Controls

Powerful control & flexibility for variable speed applications

MICA 202 VFD Control Panel

Out-of-box VFD Controls

Quick ship solution for variable speed applications

Danfoss FC 202
VFD Flow How

What is a VFD?

The Variable Frequency Drive converts AC power to DC pulses to create an AC sinewave that controls both the voltage and frequency output to a motor. By supplying the correct voltage level, VFDs protect and increase the longevity of the system equipment and reduce energy costs.

MICA-202 VFD Control Panels

Powerful control & flexibility for variable speed applications

Out-of-Box VFD Controls

Motor controls to meet changes in water demand

We specialize in solutions for Industrial, Wastewater and Water Product applications including agricultural, irrigation, food and beverage, industrial and commercial. Mitchell’s Controls provides full panel customization, system testing, technical assistance, product training, and follow-up support.

Our state-of-the-art facility manufactures both standard and custom control panels per UL508A or UL698A standards. Our panels use only high-quality Danfoss/Vacon variable frequency drives (VFDs) and range in size from 5 HP to 1,300 HP and beyond.

We offer a full array of built-in features including filtration, programmable logic controllers (PLC), touchscreen operation interface, telemetry options and multiple communication protocols.

Michell Lewis & Staver Go-To Pro

Tim Moore

Tim Moore

Over the course of my career, which began in 1986 as an engineer for the electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic markets; I have assisted many companies with technical support, troubleshooting, product selection, training, and start-up assistance for VFDs, soft starters, and custom VFD panels. I enjoy helping customers solve their toughest water challenges with the support of my team – some of the most dedicated, hard-working, and friendly people in the industry.


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