Turbine Pumps with VHS motor and Controls

Turbine Pumps

  • Easily configured for site-specific needs
  • Application-specific material choices
  • Compact design
  • Oil-lubed or product lubed
  • Semi-open and closed impeller options

Short Set Lineshaft Turbine

Best for short set applications less than 30’ deep.

Short Set Lineshaft Turbine Pump - Goulds

Deep Well Turbine

For deep set applications where motor efficiency and reliability are of high importance.

Berkeley Deep Well Turbine

Axial & Mixed Flow Turbine

Best for moving large quantities of water with lower pressure and lift requirements.

Axiel Mix Flow Turbine Pump - Goulds

Canned Lineshaft Turbine

Powerful efficiency for applications with inlet pressure or existing suction pipe.

Canned Lineshaft Turbine

Submersible Turbine

Designed for flows between 65-350 GPM. Fast, quiet operation with minimal maintenance.

Submersible Turbine Pump Berkeley
Turbine Flow How

What are Turbine Pumps?

Vertical turbines can be configured for nearly any pumping application, from pumping water for irrigation, to moving process water in industrial plants, to boosting water pressure in municipal systems; making them one of the most popular pump types for system designers, end-users, contractors and distributors.

Deep Well Lineshaft Turbine

Preferred solution for deep set applications.

Short Set Lineshaft Turbine

Best for short set applications under 30 feet.

Canned Lineshaft Turbine

Powerful efficiency for applications with inlet pressure or existing suction pipe.

Axial & Mixed Flow Turbine2

Best for transporting large quantities of water against low heads.

Submersible Turbine

Fast, quiet operation with minimal maintenance.

  • Irrigation
  • Booster system
Commercial & Industrial:
  • Industrial process pumps
  • Water supply
  • Booster system
  • Packaged pump stations
  • Golf courses / turf irrigation
  • Effluent transfer
  • Water Parks
  • Mining
  • Snow Making
  • Cooling Towers

Vertical Turbines are often configured as multi-stage pumps, using turbine-like impellers with radial vanes on the same shaft. As fluid moves up through each stage, or bowl assembly, towards the surface, the pressure and head are increased. Mitchell’s sizes the impellers and diffuser casing to deliver the head and capacity a system requires. Impellers can be trimmed, and stages can be added or removed for maximum flexibility in the initial system design and to support future system modifications.

Turbines can be installed in wells, lakes, rivers or reservoirs – they can even create their own reservoir using a can (or sleeve) – to efficiently lift water, move water, or boost water depending on the application need. Turbines can operate discreetly below ground, ideal for golf courses and in urban settings.

Mitchell Lewis & Staver support customers with pump design and selection based on your exact specifications to quickly customize and build pumps for superior performance, efficiency, and reliability in the field.

Michell Lewis & Staver Go-To Pro

Pete Albanese

Pete Albanese

Understanding the application and our customer’s needs are key to presenting the best solutions. As a turbine pump specialist, I am often in the field to ensure the pumps supply water to the specific crop at the exact flow and head it was designed for. At Mitchell Lewis & Staver, we know taking care of the customer is more than offering a competitive price, it is about providing quality products, knowledge, and post-sales support.


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