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The Mitchell’s Industrial and Commercial product portfolio is expansive, providing complete solutions for the wide-ranging challenges these unique applications present.

Whether it is new construction of a food processing facility, retrofits to an existing wastewater treatment plant, replacement pumps at a mine, upgrades to a pulp and paper mill, or virtually anything else you can imagine, our dedicated team of application specialists and engineers works with you to develop solutions to your most complex system requirements.

We provide quality pump products from leading manufacturers, from individual components, to kits, to fully assembled pumps and systems.

Booster Pumps

Used to increase the pressure of liquid that is already flowing.

Dewatering Pumps

Used to remove or extract unwanted groundwater or surface water.

    Positive Displacement Pumps

    For pumping high viscosity fluids at high pressures.

      A quality motor will provide the water movement and pressure your project needs while operating safely and without the need for frequent servicing. Every motor we supply is built to the highest industry standards for long-lasting support of your well or system.

      Horizontal Motors

      Versatile centrifugal motor built for reliability

        VHS Motors

        Vertical hallow shaft motors stand up to demanding applications and harsh environments

          For projects large and small, we have the drive solution to meet your needs and budget. NEMA/IP-rated and configured for maximum energy efficiency and whole system protection.

          Across the Line Controls

          Full voltage starter with simple on and off control

            Custom Controls

            Custom control panels to meet your exact specifications

              Soft Start Controls

              Mitchell’s Soft Start Panels Featuring Danfoss

              Pressure tanks and above-ground storage tanks are available in stock, or custom made to strict FDA specifications. Available in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings.

              Storage Tanks

              Above or below ground water storage tanks

                By partnering with several major manufacturers, we source and select the best combination of high-performance and energy-efficient components for your application.

                Lift Station

                Designed to lift wastewater from lower to higher elevations

                  No project is complete without the parts and accessories to get the job done. We carry a wide selection of products to support installs, maintenance and system repairs.

                  Aerators & Mixers

                  For aeration and mixing of fluids.


                  Lift and lower pumps, equipment and tools for easy servicing.

                    Drilling Products

                    High-quality down the hole drilling products.

                    Pump Accessories

                    Parts and accessories from bottom of the well to top of the system.

                    Integrated Solutions

                    We partner with leading brands who have proven performance in quality, innovation, and reliability.

                    Our expansive product lines support applications with all kinds of pumping needs, from farm to finished product, thick slurries, abrasive chemicals, boiler feed, condensate return, and wastewater.

                    We have the products and expertise to support your most difficult pumping projects – whether you need a product off the shelf or a completely custom solution.

                    Support with Services

                    Pump Sizing & Selection

                    Our team of product specialists are available to assist you in determining the right products based on your environmental conditions, ensuring you have all the required accessories and control settings properly configured for startup.

                    Pump Builds & Repair

                    With builds centers throughout our footprint, our highly skilled technicians are equipped to build multi-stage pumps, perform repairs, machine and weld perfectly matched systems to your exact specifications.

                    Application Assistance

                    In-house engineers and product specialists assist with custom solutions, including design, pre-fabrication, testing, startup and training.

                    Technical Support

                    We go beyond the sale, our in-house applied product technical specialists are available to provide startup, commissioning and ongoing software support.

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