Vertical Mixer

Vertical mixers use an extended shaft between the motor and mixing blade so that the motor is elevated above the liquid.

Gear reducer may be used to slow the speed of the mixing blades to achieve the desired turnover rate.

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  • 55 gal drums
  • Plastic and stainless steel totes
  • Water and Effluent Treatment
  • Rapid/Flash Mixing
  • Flocculation
  • Activated Carbon Slurry Mixing


Mixing Tank Capacity 55 - 3,000 GAL.
Mounting Style Clamp or Pedestal

Features & Benefits

Impeller selection is the starting point of any mixer configuration. Starting with the right impeller means your portable mixer will work in balance and provide quality mixing.


  • Dynaflow impeller
  • Pitch blade impeller
  • Radial impeller
  • Propeller

Issues such as uniformity, area of influence, shear, solid suspension, and many others are addressed by the impeller selection.

Dynamix Impellers

Mixer mounting styles

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