VHS Motors

  • NEMA Premium Efficient
  • VFD Compatible
  • Inverter-duty models available
  • Low temperature rise, Class F or H insulation
  • Rugged and reliable cast iron construction
  • High thrust design
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The hollow shaft high thrust design is intended for deep-well pump applications. Solid shaft motors are designed to operate in pump applications including in-line, booster, centrifugal, non-clog, and vertical turbines under extreme conditions for irrigation, pulp and paper, waste-water treatment and material processing industries.

Deep-well pump applications need a vertical hollow shaft (VHS) motor that is energy efficient as well as resistant to humidity, condensation, dust, and harsh environmental conditions.



HP Required 3 - 1,000 HP
Rotations Per Minute 600 - 3600 RPM
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz

Features & Benefits

NEMA premium efficient, meeting IEEE 841 levels with a full cast iron frame, inline, high thrust, space heaters, and a non-reverse ratchet. Durable construction meets the requirements in a wide range of vertical hollow and solid shaft motor applications.

Since AC motors utilize a rotating magnetic field that requires no brushes, they have fewer parts to break down and cause costly delays in operation.

Product Resources

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