Effluent Wastewater Pumps

  • Very wide range to meet head and flow requirements
  • Solution for graywater with small solids less than 1/2″
  • Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) Systems
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  • Pond/water feature
  • Septic Tank Systems
  • Homes/Farms
  • Heavy Duty Sump
  • Water Transfer
  • Dewatering


Flow up to 60 GPM
Head up to 31 FT
HP Required .33 to 1.5 HP
Solid Size up to 1/2"

Features & Benefits

Energy Efficiency: 40-75%

Available for automatic and manual operation, automatic models include a mechanical float switch.

Effluent Pump

Product Resources

For General Information, Terms & Conditions, Performance Curves and Engineering Data, please reference our manufacturer’s resources.

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