Axial & Mixed Flow Turbine

  • Designed for very high flow rates
  • Low head and discharge pressure
  • Adjustable for best efficiency
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  • Flood dewatering
  • Storm water
  • Surface water transfer
  • Irrigation systems
  • Municipal water supply
  • Large-scale industrial
  • Desalination


Bowl Sizes 8-36" Axial, 10-36" Mixed
Flow up to 30,000 GPM
Head up to 25' Axial, 35' Mixed
Column Length 30 FT
HP Required up to 300 HP
Temperature 36-80 F

Features & Benefits

Axial-flow pumps and mixed-flow pumps are designed to move very large quantities of water against low (axial) and medium (mixed) heads.

Axial flow impellers discharge fluids parallel to the shaft axis in contrast to radial flow, which pulls fluid into its axis then discharges it out at 90 degrees to the shaft; mixed flow impellers discharge in a conical direction using a combined radial and axial pumping action. Mixed flow pumps can develop a relatively high discharge pressure and still move a large quantity of liquid.

Axial and mixed flow turbines are extremely versatile and can be multi-stage for maximum flexibility both in the initial pump selection and if future system modifications require a change in the pump rating.

Axial and mixed flow turbine pumps can be driven by an above-ground vertical motor, an engine or horizontal motor through a right-angle gear drive, a flat belt pulley or a V-belt pulley connected to an engine.

Axial & Mixed Flow

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