Lift Station

Dry pit or submersible lift stations for reduced pipeline costs in gravity sewers.

Stations can be design for a single pump flow or parallel peak pumping for greater flexibility.

High-quality non-clog pumps with robust solid handling for reliable performance.


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  • Wastewater
  • Municipal


Configurations Simplex and Duplex
Discharge Depth 12" - 72"
Basin Diameter 30" - 48"
Basin Depth 48" - 120"

Features & Benefits

Dry well lift stations are popular for their ease of access for visual inspection and maintenance on the pump system.

Submersible lift stations provide a smaller above ground footprint and greater energy efficiencies.

Wastewater pumps are sized and selected to meet the influent flow rates without too frequent starting and stopping or excessive wet-well storage. We select only high quality non-clog pumps with robust solid handling for reliable performance.

Variable frequency drives reduce the size, cost, and wear of the wetwell and system components by allowing the pumps to operate at maximum efficiency under a variety of flow conditions.

Lift Station

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