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MLS Controls - Powering Forward a Zero Waste Solution

- Monday, March 05, 2018

On the road to achieving its goal of becoming a Zero Waste Nation, the island nation of Singapore is committed to promoting sustainable practices within its industrial sector.

West Salem Machinery (WSM), with over 67 years of experience across multiple industries, shredding, grinding, milling, and the mass volume screening of materials, was selected in 2017 to supply the urban waste reduction equipment for the 800 Super recycling company of Singapore. The WSM system grinds urban wood waste, reducing its particulate size to less than 75mm creating fuel for the system. Wood waste which would have typically been shipped off the island, becomes fuel for a boiler and produces energy, which in turn, is used by 800 Super to reduce operations costs. The WSM system consists of a Metso 1000 pre-shredder, a WSM Grinder, a Steinart metal separator, and auxiliary conveyors. Clean wood waste is produced, with consistent sizing, enhancing the performance of a power-generating, steam-driven turbine.

As an acknowledged industry leader in custom engineered electrical switchgear and automation controls for OEM in the “Bio Prep” field, MLS was once again chosen by WSM to develop system controls for 800 Super, Singapore. MLS provided the electrical switchgear for the entire system including a Danfoss MCD500 Reduced Voltage Soft Start for the grinder, and multiple Danfoss FC51 Variable Frequency Drives for proportional control of the conveyors feeding the boiler.

MLS also provided the automation equipment, including a Siemens programmable logic controller to monitor and control the Metso, West Salem Machinery, Steinart, and auxiliary conveyor systems, enabling a maximum production of 50 metric tons of fuel per hour.

As a trusted partner of WSM, MLS provided the engineering, manufacturing, programming, and startup support for the 800 Super “Bio Prep” system.

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