MLS Stirring Things Up at Basic American Foods, Inc. | Mitchell Lewis & Staver

MLS Stirring Things Up at Basic American Foods, Inc.

- Thursday, May 05, 2016


MLS and Polaris deploy jet ring power to save customer and competitor from costly downtime.

Moses Lake WA - Basic American Foods, a major processor of potatoes, was experiencing routine clogging, and inability to self-prime with their existing chopper pumps in their waste pit. The waste stream fluctuates between water with just a few skins and pieces, to large slugs of potato chunks, sticks and dirt. During these large influxes of solids the existing chopper pumps were unable to pull a suction lift, or chop such a high solids concentration at once. A solution was needed that could not only handle these solids, but also “stir the soup” to keep a uniform solids concentration, and stand up to the abrasive sand present in the waste stream.

Mitchell Lewis selected a 15hp, hard iron slurry pump from Polaris to do the job. This pump can handle solids concentrations up to 60%, is made of a high chrome metal for abrasion resistance and came equipped with an externally mounted jet ring to continuously mix the sump and keep the solids even dispersed throughout the water. The jet ring is fed from a separate water source and shoots high pressure water jets to break up large masses of solids.

We are pleased to note, that after two months after installation, the Polaris has been able to keep the self-priming pumps clog free and the system running 24/7.