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Reedsport Retrofit Keeps City’s Heads Above Water

Chelsea Shoji - Thursday, February 18, 2021

The City of Reedsport OR has a total area of 2.3 sq miles and of that, a full .26 sq mile is water. They average 76” of rain per year and the city is only 10ft above sea level, so controlling excess water is critical. The city has several stormwater overflow wells with aging equipment, including vertical turbine pumps. The 7th Street well had the most urgent need, so the city contacted Romtec Utilities. out of Roseburg, OR to help with design and sourcing. MLS and Romtec Utilities have partnered in the past on similar projects, so their first call was to our turbine expert, Curt James. The existing pumps were obsolete and originally built to very specific dimensions to fit into the pump house. With decades of experience and knowledge, Curt was able to find a manufacturer that could meet design conditions and do a very customer build to make installation as easy as possible. The 16PO from Warson Pumps.

The pumps were installed on December 14th, 2020 with start-up testing the next day. Romtec Utilities, Mitchell Lewis, and Pacific Excavation were all on site to perform and witness an ideal start-up. While there was no rain on that day, the capacity of these pumps gives the city extended capacity and reliability for any weather events for years to come. The city will be upgrading other wells as their end of life approaches.


MLS Customer – Romtec Utilities

Job Name / Location – 7thSt Pump Station / Reedsport, Oregon

Installing contractor – Pacific Excavation

Design conditions – 8500gpm @ 21ft TDH

Products – Warson 16PO vertical turbine with 60HP motors