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Stahl Farms Calls in The Experts

- Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The uninterrupted flow of water for irrigation is a paramount concern for any farming operation. The vast and diverse Stahl Farms in Irrigon, Oregon relies on its custom-designed pump system to faithfully deliver Columbia River water to expansive fields, miles away. Unwelcome noises from two of the pumps had Herb Stahl reaching out to his irrigation specialist, Valmont NW., who in turn, contacted the irrigation system experts at Mitchell Lewis & Staver. Upon inspection, it was determined by MLS engineers, that the foreign noises were attributable to the pumps operating at too low of pressure, causing the pumps to operate off the end of their performance curves – resulting in unsettling noises. The trusted engineering experts at MLS bring decades of experience to their work – from custom irrigation system design to remote "house calls", MLS keeps it flowing!