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water well project complete!

Chelsea Shoji - Friday, August 28, 2020

Photos: Steve Gleason watches as Justin McMullin trenches up towards the home then down to the electrical box .  

Hometown H2O Water Well Project COMPLETE!

Today we are thrilled to announce that the Waterboys – in partnership with Xylem, Water Well Trust, Mitchell Lewis & Staver, McMullin Drilling and McMullin Water Systems – successfully installed a system from which clean water can now flow into the Gleason home in rural Jewell, Oregon – a celebratory day indeed as August 28th also marks Lana Gleason’s 70th birthday!

It was a long and emotional process as we uncovered many obstacles that nearly brought this project to a halt. From dry wells to high TDS, we are all very grateful to these teams of professionals that pushed the limits of creativity and ingenuity to provide a solution where the Gleason family can now enjoy clean water with which to cook, clean, wash hands and, most importantly, drink!

Photos: Magic Mike building the pump house, McMullin laying pipe, the crew installs the pump house roof.

In the project’s final days, McMullin Water Systems trenched 300 feet of pipe and electrical, installed a Goulds Jet Pump, HydroPro Tank, 2500-gallon Poly Tank, and a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System with two-gallon reserve tank for under the sink operation.

The Goulds pump, tank and control panel are comfortably housed inside a Mike Evans (Wilsonville driver extraordinaire) custom-made pump house, painted a beautiful shade of Oregon Ducks green (Steve Gleason’s favorite team).

A big thank you to one of Mitchell’s great customers, Hillsboro Pump and Electric, who heeded our call for help and quickly assisted with the electrical installation of the pump house and pump equipment.

Photos: Inside the pump house, Scott McMullin laying pipe, the crew poses for a final photo in front of a custom pump house and 2500-gallon water tank.

Our story ends with an amazing group of people united together from across the country, new friends, and a grateful couple who remarks, “There is no way we could have done this on our own” Steve Gleason continues, “Every day I wake up wondering if the [existing] pump would turn on, now I can rest easy knowing we have water from our very own well.”


Photos: Reverse Osmosis (RO) System, Steve and Lana Gleason interviewing, Steve McMullin turning on the faucet to clean drinking water!