A quality pump is at the heart of every successful well or any other project for moving or managing liquids, gasses, or solids. Mitchell Lewis & Staver carries a wide range of pumps for a variety of industries and applications.

Pumps from MLS have features that mean long product life, easy serviceability, and overall safety; which means you get a pump with a low total cost of ownership. Talk with an MLS representative to help you select the best pump for your project. We’ll help you choose a pump that is appropriate for your application, has the power and the features you need, and is designed to run flawlessly in the conditions it will meet. 

Sometimes pump industry lingo can be a little confusing. So, we've put together a brief Glossary of Common Terms & Equipment, to help you better understand the jargon.

Mitchell Lewis & Staver proudly features Agricultural pumps, booster pumps, dewatering pumps, hand pumps, jet pumps, power take off (PTO) pumps, solids handling pumps, submersible pumps and vertical turbine pumps.

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Agricultural Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Agricultural Pumps

Centrifugal, self-priming, submersible, line shaft turbine, and other agricultural pumps.

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Booster Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Booster Pumps

Pumps for extreme pumping needs in municipal or industrial markets.

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Centrifugal Pressure Maintenance Systems | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Centrifugal Pressure Maintenance Systems

Centrifugal Pressure Maintenance Systems custom engineered to your specifications.

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Chopper Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Chopper Pumps

Centrifugal pumps designed for cutting up a wide range of solid and stringy materials.

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Dewatering Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Dewatering Pumps

Pumps for the removal of storm water, sludge and slurry—even solids content up to 60%.

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Engine Driven Packages | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Engine Driven Packages

Mobile pump packages for sewage bypass, dewatering and irrigation.

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Hand Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Hand Pumps

Windmills and hand pumps are the ultimate in eco-friendly pump options.

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Jet Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Jet Pumps

Quality jet pumps for shallow and deep well applications.

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Macerators and Grinders | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Macerators and Grinders

Twin-shaft macerators and combinations of pump and shredding technology for special applications.

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Packaged Pump Systems | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Packaged Pump Systems

Our specialty is in designing and custom engineering a packaged system that is ideal for your unique application.

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Power Takeoff (PTO) Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Power Takeoff (PTO) Pumps

Complete, custom pump systems designed to operate using power from a tractor or other source.

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Slurry Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Slurry Pumps

Abrasive, corrosive, high solids concentration…no problem.

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Solids Handling Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Solids Handling Pumps

Solids handling pumps can be of the submersible, self-priming, or horizontal end suction varieties.

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Submersible Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Submersible Pumps

Quality submersible pumps designed for continuous operation.

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Submersible Well Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Submersible Well Pumps

Sealed submersible pumps for drainage systems and water domestic wells.

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Sump Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Sump Pumps

Pedestal and submersible sump pumps and basins for basements or other areas.

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UL/FM Fire Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

UL/FM Fire Pumps

UL / FM listed fire pumps for a variety of applications.

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Vertical Turbine Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Multi-stage pumps in various styles for use in a variety of industries.

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Wastewater Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver

Wastewater Pumps

Submersible, self-priming and end suction solutions to handle the most challenging waste streams.

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