​Aerators & Mixers

In many applications, both industrial and municipal, mixing the liquid or adding air or oxygen is key to improving the process. Mixing the liquid can ensure even distribution of chemicals or solids in the solution to provide a consistent liquid concentration. Mitchell Lewis & Staver represents manufacturers of both submersible and vertical style mixers.

Aerators are used to remove or modify the constituents of water using two methods - scrubbing action and oxidation. Scrubbing action is caused by turbulence which results when the water and air mix together. The scrubbing action physically removes gases from solution in the water, allowing them to escape into the surrounding air.

Oxidation is the other process through which an aerator purifies water. Oxidation is the addition of oxygen, the removal of hydrogen, or the removal of electrons from an element or compound. When air is mixed with water, some impurities in the water, such as iron and manganese, become oxidized. Once oxidized, these chemicals fall out of solution and become suspended in the water. The suspended material can then be removed later in the treatment process through filtration.

We carry the Landia line of sub-surface aerators. Subsurface aeration seeks to release bubbles at the bottom of the water body and allow them to rise by the force of gravity. Diffused aeration systems utilize bubbles to aerate as well as mix the water. Water displacement from the expulsion of bubbles can cause a mixing action to occur, and the contact between the water and the bubble will result in an oxygen transfer.