Convertible Jet Pumps

  • Best for fluctuating water table levels
  • Above ground solution for easy servicing
  • Ensures a steady supply of potable water to the home
  • Two-line jet pump


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  • Residential Water Systems
  • Residential Sprinkler Systems
  • Boosting Water
  • Marine Use
  • Mist Sprayers
  • Fountains and Water Features


Flow up to 30 GPM
Head up to 200 FT
Lift up to 150 FT
HP Required up to 2 HP
Pressure up to 90 PSI

Features & Benefits

Deep well pumps can be used as a shallow well pump and are therefore referred to as “convertible” jet pumps because it can be set up as either shallow or deep. In a shallow well, the jet assembly, or ejector kit, is bolted to the nose of the pump. For deep well, the jet assembly is placed down the well. A convertible is preferred if you have a fluctuating water table level that can dip below 25 feet.

Jet Booster Pump Install

Product Resources

For General Information, Terms & Conditions, Performance Curves and Engineering Data, please reference our manufacturer’s resources.

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