Multi-Stage Jet Pumps

  • High pressure jet pump
  • Above ground solution for easy servicing
  • Can be horizontal or vertical for smaller footprint


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  • Residential Water Systems
  • Residential Sprinkler Systems
  • Boosting Water
  • Marine Use
  • Mist Sprayers
  • Fountains and Water Features


Flow up to 26 GPM
Head up to 200 FT
Lift up to 80 FT
HP Required up to 2 HP
Pressure up to 105 PSI

Features & Benefits

Jet pumps that have two or more impellers are called multistage pumps. The multiple impellers of a multistage pump act like separate pumps, therefore, as the water moves from one stage to the next, the flow rate is not altered, but the total head and shaft power increases proportionally to the number of stages, resulting in a much higher pressure that can move the water further distances.

Single stage pumps typically have a maximum discharge pressure of 150M versus 1000M of the multistage pump designs.

Multistage pumps can be either horizontal or vertical which can be useful if space is an issue.

Multi Stage Jet

Product Resources

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