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Gary Miles - Thursday, May 25, 2017

MLS Summertime Scratchers are back!

Mitchell's is giving you unlimited chances to win prizes this June and July just for being a customer! Purchase any brand pump, motor and control unit together on the same sales order and receive one (1) Summertime Scratcher. There is no limit to how many Scratchers you can earn and prizes you can win. Best part? Every card is a winner! Ask how to receive a Summertime Scratcher on your next order

Prizes include:

  • All-inclusive Alaska Fishing Trips
  • Traeger Grills
  • Yuneec Drones
  • Equinox Kayaks
  • Gerber Multi-tools
  • GoPro Hero Cams
  • Yeti Coolers
  • Fandango Movie Cards
  • Cabela's Gift Cards
  • Gas Gift Cards
  • Starbucks Gift Cards

The Summertime Scratcher sweepstakes runs from June 1st - July 31st 2017 and is open to all Mitchell Lewis & Staver customers within the United States.

For full list of prizes and contest rules, please visit any Mitchell's location.




Power of Partnership

Gary Miles - Friday, April 07, 2017



The Portland location of a national motel chain was having severe sewage issues. The equipment in their wet well was old, failing regularly, and causing the site manager a ton of problems. Additionally, the ever-changing waste stream was plugging the pumps, which in turn caused overflow conditions and on several occasions the need for a vac truck.

One of Mitchell Lewis & Staver’s longtime partners, Hillsboro Pump Service was contacted by the motel manager for much-needed help. Mitchell Lewis met with HPS for an on-site review. It was determined that the existing pumps were still a good choice for the required flow/head, but the liquid now contained many “non-pumpable” solids that needed to be addressed. To handle this, the team decided on the tried and true solids destroyer, the Landia Eradigator, a submersible chopper pump, that would also mix the wet well contents with its angled discharge nozzle.

The complete solution is put into action when the pump on float activates. The Eradigator runs for 1 min to chop and mix all wet well contents, it then shuts off, and the on-call, self-priming pump removes the liquid until the stop float is reached. MLS provided the UL control panel as well which required the use of a Danfoss VFD to convert the sites 1/230v power to 2/230v power to run the Eradigator. The MLS Control Panel provided some dry contacts, so the manager could have remote indication of any problems. While only in service for a short time at this point, the station has been trouble-free and the site manager is very appreciative of everyone’s efforts..



Stock Up Special

Gary Miles - Wednesday, November 30, 2016



NOW through the end of 2016,

2X & 3X Your REWARDS Points!


Purchase $10,000.+

Get DOUBLE the REWARDS points!

Purchase $25,000.+

Get TRIPLE the REWARDS points!


Valid on a single order placed between December 1-31, 2016. Bonus points will be awarded on paid invoices for accounts in good standing.

Must have a valid Mitchell’s Rewards account at time of order. Invoices may not be combined for the purposes of this promotion.

Limit one bonus point award per account.

Must ask for the “Stock Up Special” when placing your order over $10k for bonus points to be awarded.


An Inside Look: The MLS Controls Video

Gary Miles - Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A tour of a Mitchell Lewis & Staver electrical controls manufacturing facility. We discuss our capabilities in building custom panels with variable frequency drives (VFD), SCADA systems and packaged systems for a variety of applications.

MLS Midvale for Goulds pump products!

Gary Miles - Monday, November 07, 2016

MLS Midvale is now serving Utah with Goulds pumps and accessories!

A premiere, time-tested brand, Goulds is now available from MLS in Utah! MLS features a full suite of Goulds products, including water systems, irrigation, sump, sewage &effluent. Whatever your application, MLS & Goulds delivers.

Contact the MLS Midvale office at 800-733-6065 to get started purchasing Goulds products today!

Stahl Farms Calls in The Experts

Gary Miles - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The uninterrupted flow of water for irrigation is a paramount concern for any farming operation. The vast and diverse Stahl Farms in Irrigon, Oregon relies on its custom-designed pump system to faithfully deliver Columbia River water to expansive fields, miles away. Unwelcome noises from two of the pumps had Herb Stahl reaching out to his irrigation specialist, Valmont NW., who in turn, contacted the irrigation system experts at Mitchell Lewis & Staver. Upon inspection, it was determined by MLS engineers, that the foreign noises were attributable to the pumps operating at too low of pressure, causing the pumps to operate off the end of their performance curves – resulting in unsettling noises. The trusted engineering experts at MLS bring decades of experience to their work – from custom irrigation system design to remote "house calls", MLS keeps it flowing!


MLS Stirring Things Up at Basic American Foods, Inc.

Gary Miles - Thursday, May 05, 2016


MLS and Polaris deploy jet ring power to save customer and competitor from costly downtime.

Moses Lake WA - Basic American Foods, a major processor of potatoes, was experiencing routine clogging, and inability to self-prime with their existing chopper pumps in their waste pit. The waste stream fluctuates between water with just a few skins and pieces, to large slugs of potato chunks, sticks and dirt. During these large influxes of solids the existing chopper pumps were unable to pull a suction lift, or chop such a high solids concentration at once. A solution was needed that could not only handle these solids, but also “stir the soup” to keep a uniform solids concentration, and stand up to the abrasive sand present in the waste stream.

Mitchell Lewis selected a 15hp, hard iron slurry pump from Polaris to do the job. This pump can handle solids concentrations up to 60%, is made of a high chrome metal for abrasion resistance and came equipped with an externally mounted jet ring to continuously mix the sump and keep the solids even dispersed throughout the water. The jet ring is fed from a separate water source and shoots high pressure water jets to break up large masses of solids.

We are pleased to note, that after two months after installation, the Polaris has been able to keep the self-priming pumps clog free and the system running 24/7.







MLS Rebuilds West Africa Water System

Gary Miles - Monday, April 11, 2016


With increasing demand for a reliable source of potable water, the government of Cameroon in 2015 embarked on an ambitious project to rebuild and replace their insufficient, aging colonial French water infrastructure. The robust, new system will deliver much-needed water to the capitol, Yaounde. Engineers at MLS have designed a powerful, scalable new system, which utilizes some of the existing built-ins, while delivering substantially more water volume to the central civic reservoir. Once completed, the new water system will feature a series of five Goulds vertical turbine pumps powered by US Motors, rated at 1250HP, delivering 6600 GPM @ 581 ft. This project will be completed later in 2016.


Energy Efficient Solutions from Mitchell Lewis & Staver Help Oregon Coast Aquarium Save Some Clams

Gary Miles - Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Several months back, Mitchell Lewis & Staver provided the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport Oregon, several sump pumps and variable frequency drives (VFDs). The VFDs allow the pumps to run at reduced speeds when demand is low, saving energy and money. Working in conjunction with level sensors, the VFDs help the pumps maintain a certain sump level at all times by running the pump at a proper pace and not having them start and stop all of the time. Running pumps at reduced speeds also helps increase the overall lifetime of the pump. Gary Smith, Head of Maintenance for the aquarium, states “We are saving on average $60-70 dollar per month, per pump by using VFD’s, and with the level maintenance process, we never run the pumps dry.” Gary has since added 2 more VFDs to other existing pump controls. Danfoss VFDs are an integral part of powerful and efficient MLS Controls. 

MLS Founder's Days Sale

Gary Miles - Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Call your MLS Rep or your local MLS branch for additional details.