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Packaged Pump Systems

Mitchell Lewis & Staver’s custom engineering team can design and build a custom pressure booster or lift station to meet your unique requirements. MLS represents many major manufacturers, allowing us to select the best combination of high-performance and energy-efficient components for your application. And the technology we offer ensures that you will get the most intuitive, user friendly operator interfaces available. 

The control technology we use allows us to design your system with either manual or automatic backup systems to protect against down time, and we employ open source technology, allowing us to offer replacement parts and service in a timely manner. 

On the wastewater side, MLS represents industry leaders in the handling of sewage and storm water.  We carry a wide range of solids handling, grinder and chopper pumps to handle the most difficult waste streams for lift stations and treatment plants.  Our line of submersible and vertical mixers and aeration equipment can help keep you plant processes running smoothly and efficiently.

Pressure Booster Stations

Standard Features

  • Consistent pressure control technology
  • Type Nema UL 3R enclosures rated for outdoor use
  • Variable frequency drive technology by Danfoss
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) by Siemens
  • Flows of 50 gpm - 10,000 gpm
  • Pressure up to 200 PSI
  • NSF fusion bonded epoxy coated base & piping Optional Features
  • Noise filtration through harmonic and/or DVDT technology
  • Soft start lag motors
  • Fuse protection for higher SCCR
  • Close looped panel cooling
  • Flow technology by Siemens
  • Stainless steel & SCH 80 custom pipe & materials

Lift Stations

Standard Features

  • Submersible or Self Priming Sewage Lift Stations 
  • Complete package
  • Self-contained submersible or self priming
  • Gull wing doors / SS or Epoxy
  • Options include auto-dialers, GFCI, temperature control, and various telemetry applications
  • Multi set-point and Hand/Off/Auto selector switch
  • Programming and hardware for multiple pump control
  • Digital or analog radio control for feedback systems
  • UL level sensing via float, transducer, or ultrasonic sensor; submersible transducer

Our products meet the following requirements where applicable: UL QCZJ Packaged Pump Systems; UL 508A Industrial Controls; and UL 698A Industrial Controls with circuit extensions in hazardous environments.

Want to talk about pressure boosters or lift stations? Call us at 866-748-8077, or contact us online. Also see our Accessories Catalog.

Packaged Pump Systems | Mitchell Lewis Staver
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