Deep Well Jet Pumps

  • Best for wells greater than 25 feet deep
  • Above ground solution for easy servicing
  • Ensures a steady supply of potable water to the home
  • Two line jet pump
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  • Residential Water Systems
  • Residential Sprinkler Systems
  • Boosting Water
  • Marine Use
  • Mist Sprayers
  • Fountains and Water Features


Flow up to 46 GPM
Head up to 200 FT
Lift up to 150 FT
HP Required up to 2 HP
Pressure up to 90 PSI

Features & Benefits

In a typical deep well application, the jet is separated from the motor and impeller housing and placed down in the well, roughly 10-20 feet below the minimum well water level. One pipe is mounted to the impeller housing, driving water down into the jet body, while a second pipe connects the output of the jet body back up to the pump housing.

At the jet, the increase in water velocity creates a partial vacuum that draws standing well water into the second pipe and then back into the pump and plumbing system. Deep well jet pumps use both the suction at the jet and pressure applied by the impeller to lift the water.

Deep Well Installation

Product Resources

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