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Vertical Turbine Pumps

Vertical turbine pumps are centrifugal pumps mounted vertically. They operate on the same principals as all centrifugal pumps, with a rotating impeller around a central shaft. Vertical turbines can be found in single or multi-stage applications requiring high volume, high lift, as well as high discharge pressure. 

From wineries and dairies to municipal water systems and golf courses, turbine pumps from Mitchell Lewis & Staver have been used in projects across a broad range of industries. Choose from a variety of pump styles, including  end suction, vertical multi-stage, vertical hollow shaft, submersible turbines, solids-handling, self primers, and more.

We can help you choose a stock turbine pump, or our in-house engineering staff can custom design the best packaged system for your unique needs.

Our vertical turbine pump lines include: Berkeley, Fairbanks Morse, Ruhrpumpen and Goulds.

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Available Brands

    Berkeley | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Fairbanks Morse | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Goulds | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Ruhrpumpen | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
Vertical Turbine Pumps | Mitchell Lewis Staver
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