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Water Treatment

Many homeowners have difficulty determining whether they actually need a water treatment system or they are not sure what type of system would be best for them. The choice regarding whether or not to install and use a water treatment system is up to you. If you have identified a specific contaminant whose presence in your water is causing you concern, you can contact one of Mitchell's customer service representatives to try to locate products that have been certified to reduce that specific contaminant.

It is important to keep in mind that all home water treatment devices need regular maintenance to operate effectively. Please read the operating manual that comes with your water treatment system to ensure you are operating your system in accordance with the manufacturer's directions. Filter cartridges should be changed on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer.

Mitchell Lewis & Staver has been a leader in the water treatment industry for decades, with generations of water treatment professionals on staff. We specialize in the design and supply of filters and other equipment and services to tackle even the most difficult well water issues and to safeguard the quality of your well water. This includes addressing issues such as:

  • Removing iron and other metals
  • Water softening
  • Removing contaminants and suspended solids
  • PH correction
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Bacteria and virus reduction
Our water treatment line includes: Canature, Clack, CSI Water Treatment Systems, Enpress, Fleck, Pentek, Pro Products, Pur Lite, Specialty Minerals, SRI Supreme, Sterling Water Treatement, UV Pure, Viqua and Xylem. 

Let Mitchell's help you solve your water quality challenge. Call us at 866-748-8077, or contact us online. Also see our Accessories Catalog. MLS provides quality products from leading manufacturers.

Available Brands

    Canature | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Clack | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    CSI | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Enpress | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Fleck | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Pentek | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Pro Products | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Purlite | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Specialty Minerals | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    SRI Supreme | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Sterling | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    UV Pure | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Viqua | Mitchell Lewis & Staver
    Xylem | Mitchell Lewis & Staver

Mitchell's works with some of the most respected brands in North America. We carefully evaluate not only the vendors’ products before offering them to our customers, but also their support and safety processes to ensure only the highest quality products and services for our customers.

Water Treatment | Mitchell Lewis Staver
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